A Very Pink Playroom

I thought it would be fun to share some of the work we did on each room of our family dollhouse restoration project. It was my first experience working with miniatures (since I was a child playing in the dollhouse) and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making as many pieces of furniture and accessories as I dared. The playroom sits directly below the children's nursery and by special request of my nephew, we included a slide from the nursery into the playroom. Now let's see how we did it. Everything starts with a base. In our playroom, we needed to add a hole in the corner so the kids could slide down into the playroom, and a ladder so that they could get back up into the nursery.  My mother was responsible for all of the construction and lighting in the house. The posts in each corner were part of the original dollhouse construction support; the crown molding is the new structural support she added. The round-wire electrical was attached to the floors and covere


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