Where it all Began

Our family dollhouse was originally built by my grandfather, Ralph Holman Eggelhof. Ralph was born July 21, 1911, for his two daughters, my mother Jane and her older sister Nancy. The family of four lived in a two-bedroom ranch in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sometime between 1948 and 1950, Ralph drew up blueprints and built a dollhouse out of ¼ " fiberwood pieces to the following measurements. 

https://designinminiature.blogspot.com/ Original dimensions of the dollhouse

The original dollhouse was plain, unpainted, and held a single fireplace (a block of wood with an arch cut at the bottom to represent the firebox, and very little furniture, but the girls loved it and played with it endlessly. We have looked through our family photos in vain for a picture of it in its heydey, but I haven't given up hope. When the girls finally outgrew it, the dollhouse was moved to the attic to save for the future.